This turns the gift of money into home ownership with profit

I.I don’t know whether it was due to Advent or Corona. But in the past few days, contrary to expectations, I have succeeded in convincing three married couples that giving is more blissful than keeping. The gentlemen in Frankfurt, Nuremberg and Stuttgart have millions and have recognized that “warm” gifts make more sense than “cold” inheritances. Therefore, they transferred between 400,000 and 800,000 euros to each child. In this way, the parents have alleviated their difficulties with what to do with non-income cash and bonds. And the children are grateful because they now have the opportunity to look for homes of their own.

I wouldn’t tell you the story if it didn’t have a catch. In all households, the “mild” gifts were combined with the request to explain to the children in “instructions for use” how to finance their own homes correctly. Some of the mothers feel overwhelmed, and some of the fathers are of the opinion that the prophet does not count in their own country. And so I sit at my desk “poor drip” and spend my time writing financial recipes for wealthy offspring. It’s nice to do. If you are faced with similar tasks, you may be interested in what such recipes look like.


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