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Exclusive market leader Flightright founds new subsidiary Mobilityright

The Flightright team with founder Philipp Kadelbach (front left) Image: Flightright PR

The corona crisis not only plunged the aviation industry into a fundamental crisis – the aviation rights portals have also suffered, because without flights there are no delays. The market leader Flightright also had to be aware of this. The Potsdam company immediately got down to it and developed a product to help with flight cancellations.

But the way back to normal is long. “We assume that the flight market will recover in 2024,” says founder Philipp Kadelbach. The competition was also hit hard. “Many competitors will disappear from the market,” said Kadelbach.

The start-up, which claims to have 130 employees, used the crisis to prepare new products. One of them should start in a few weeks, for which Kadelbach founded the subsidiary Mobilityright, the CFO is leading the new project.

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