BioNTech share: Consolidation, but important news is pending

The good news for the BioNTech share: The overall upward trend in the chart is still intact. On the other hand, the bad news: In the past three days, the highly traded biotech share did not come close to the new all-time high despite the developments around the COVID-19 pandemic and BioNTech’s vaccine. This was quoted on December 1 at 128.13 dollars, the last three daily highs were listed at 123.59 dollars, 121.80 dollars and 120.75 dollars. At the same time, the volatility of BioNTech’s share price decreased after the turbulent trading on Tuesday.

A consolidation phase remains that the BioNTech share is currently going through. The fact that the share price does not fall below the important technical chart support zone around the previous all-time high of 115 dollars in this phase is definitely positive for the stock. At the $ 112.50 / 115.00 mark, a clear technical support line appears to be establishing itself.


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