Varta share: now it counts! – Chart analysis

Despite the recent price gains of the Varta share, the share price of the battery group has not yet made the breakthrough upwards. However, the stock has already recovered slightly from the renewed price decline in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtechnical chart support around EUR 99.20. At the 115 mark, however, the Varta share has been facing technical resistance for days. The first tests of this zone were already carried out on Monday, since then there has been no further progress for the company’s share at this point, instead several unsuccessful break attempts have been made.

It doesn’t look any better at the moment: After yesterday’s XETRA closing price for the Varta share at EUR 111.90, current indications at EUR 112.30 / EUR 112.70 are a little higher, but still keep a distance from the increasingly important technical chart signal zone.

It remains: Between 114.20 / 114.90 euros and marks at 116.80 / 118.80 euros, technical resistance is to be expected for the Varta share. After the price development of the past few days, a jump above the 115 mark would be an important buy signal for the short-term trend in the Varta share. In this bullish scenario, there could be a test of the obstacles between 122.90 / 123.30 euros and 124.10 / 125.10 euros in the near future. Without new buy signals, there is a risk that the first supports will go down again in the short term by 107.60 / 108.30 euros. Selling signals at these brands could then target the support zone around the core brand at 99.20 / 100.40 euros.

Important technical data on the Varta share:

Last share price: 111.90 euros (exchange: XETRA – Frankfurt)
Bollinger Bands 20 (bottom / top): 103.30 euros / 121.40 euros
EMA 20: 112.40 euros
EMA 50: 112.50 euros
EMA 200: 102.50 euros


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