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Mobility Driving is the most expensive in these European countries

Less than 500 euros or almost 1000 euros – according to a study by LeasePlan, that is the range when it comes to the cost of driving a car in Europe. The Dutch car leasing and fleet management company took a close look at 18 European countries for the “Car Cost Index 2020”. According to the information, it was looked at which total operating costs arise for gasoline, diesel and electric cars from the small and medium class.

High running costs for cars

According to LeasePlan, these costs were taken into account to calculate maintenance:

  • Fuel or electricity
  • Road tax
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance (repair, maintenance, tires)
  • Depreciation
  • interest

According to the information, an average value for the first four years was determined and a mileage of 30,000 kilometers per year was taken as the basis. LeasePlan compared direct euro costs. In view of the differences in average income and purchasing power, this is only of limited significance.

According to the study, driving is the most expensive in these European countries:


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