Makro reaches out to the hospitality industry with #bestelkerst

“More than half of the catering industry offers pick-up / delivery during Christmas. So let’s give them full support, “said Makro

Gérard Ghazarian (CEO of the concerned agency Candid Group): “These dark days have something extra double this year. They are in danger of getting extra dark for our local catering industry. We cannot and must not abandon them, especially now. Let’s make a grand gesture together and help our local catering industry get through this period with extra orders! From Candid we have developed the #Bestel Christmas campaign together with Makro to support the local catering establishments during Christmas. Please join us and spread the word. “

An ode to the hospitality industry
The catering businesses have had to adapt time and time again. By paying tribute to the hospitality industry, Makro wants to show that we cannot do without these beautiful companies. In addition, Makro is sending out the message that they are making extra efforts for the catering industry in December; throughout the Netherlands to order the Christmas menu from the local catering industry this year.

Various studies have shown that more than half of the restaurants do not open at Christmas, even though this should be allowed. It also appears that 60% of the catering industry offers the option of pick-up / delivery during Christmas. To support this extra, Makro has started the previously mentioned initiative ‘#bestelkerst’ for catering customers. Through various national promotions, people are encouraged to order Christmas at home this year through the local catering industry. In addition, Christmas menus can be ordered from affiliated restaurants via a central platform. “The hospitality industry is and is still being hit hard and for Makro this is a very important group of entrepreneurs. Through this campaign we want to reach out and support the hospitality industry. Not only with understanding and beautiful words, but also with targeted support for the catering entrepreneur, ‘says Mark Pieters, Horeca Makro manager.

Connecting circularly
Makro also helps in another way, says Pieters MarketingTribune. With every purchase of € 125 at Makro, non-catering customers receive a voucher in the month of December. This voucher worth € 7.50 can be spent on Christmas menus at restaurants that are registered on the platform. As a registered restaurant, this voucher amount can then be spent again in one of the seventeen Makro branches. In this way Makro connects all customers who do their shopping, contributes to local Christmas ordering and shows that they are really there for the enterprising Netherlands. ‘


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