Home office fashion etiquette: the dress code for the home office

Dress code in the home office: what should you adhere to?imago images / AFLO

# 1 The clothes need to be presentable

It can be formal in the home office, but it is not a must. Instead, it can be a little more comfortable at work in your own four walls. According to a Statista survey, half of those surveyed estimate this freedom of dress code when working from home. But at least you should be dressed in such a way that you won’t be ashamed if the doorbell rings. That should be the lesser of two evils. If the boss spontaneously invites you to a video conference, you are certainly grateful for a presentable outfit. Basically, it is a matter of choosing work clothes that are appropriate for the industry and the company. The clothes you wear in the office on Casual Friday are also ideal for the home office. This includes casual trousers or shirts as well as comfortable blouses and dresses.

# 2 You should stand by your choice long term

In the office you are exposed to the gaze of your colleagues. This is not necessary in the home office: You don’t have to justify your choice of outfit. So you don’t have to turn your wardrobe upside down to put together the ideal workwear for the video call. However, it is better not to use the funny hat you bought on your last vacation. Do you see clothing in the long term: How will the reactions in the office be when you return from home office “after” Corona? Clothing has an outward effect and leaves an impression on the other person. So it is good if you also maintain your professionalism in the home office.

# 3 The outfit should reflect your mindset

What do you do in the office to put yourself in work mode? Try to ensure routines as well as possible: By simulating a “normal” everyday life, productivity as well as general well-being are increased. According to scientific studies, you work more concentrated and focused with a suitable work outfit. Telephoning in professional clothing also has positive effects on your voice, rhetoric and posture. Because just as clothing works on the outside, it also works on the inside. This allows you to actively influence your mindset at work.

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