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Libra (≋) will launch in January 2021. Now is the time to attract developers to its ecosystem and give them the tools they need to play with Zuck’s currency and blockchain.

Bison Trails launches Query and Transactions cluster protocol (QT). Soon DeFi and all the other “classic” blockchain and crypto services on Libra?

An off-chain pre-launch

In a press release dated November 25, 2020, Bison Trails, one of the founding members of Libra, announced the launch of its protocol Query and Transactions cluster.

The company specializing in providing services related to blockchain technology and staking said the aim was to help developers build their own infrastructure on the network Libra.

QT creates a bridge between the pre-mainnet system and the off-chain environment of Libra, to enable an infrastructure designed off-chain to read and write data on the blockchain.

For it, QT has read / write nodes and a support system designed to minimize the hassle and expense of installing in-house.

A Libra-ized economy

According to the co-founder and technical director of Bison Trails, Aaron Henshaw, QT is an essential part of the company’s product offering around the ecosystem Libra.

QT allows the safe integration of several types of services – exchanges, wallet, etc. – and applications on the blockchain Libra.

The protocol can also be used for the processing and validation of payment transactions as well as for specific applications, such as the creation of smart contracts.

Following strong regulatory pressure in 2019, the Libra Foundation reviewed some aspects of the project away from the spotlight.

The crypto-skeptic David Gerard, author of a book on Libra, referred to the unanimous rejection of regulators who immediately expressed their opposition to the project Libra.

He believes that a ” Libra-ization Of the global economy is too great a threat to the sovereignty of monetary policies, especially the dollar.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

The greenback has concerns in 2021 with the planned launch of Libra as well as the digital yuan, not to mention a certain Bitcoin (BTC) which could begin its ascent towards the 6 digits. The covid-19 pandemic could soon be a thing of the past with mass vaccination campaigns, but the United States will have to wage a new war: a currency war where the dollar does not necessarily start as the favorite.

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