Akasol share: with buy signal into the weekend? – Chart analysis

For a few days, the Akasol share struggled to break the top of 73.62 euros, which the share price had reached on November 16. In the meantime, however, the title has managed to overcome the zone of resistance that had formed around this brand in the past few days. On Friday, they managed to jump over this hurdle zone and the Akasol share has now reached prices above EUR 76. There had already been breaks in the last two days, but despite the daily highs of EUR 74.87 on Wednesday and EUR 74.50 on Thursday yesterday, there was no stable buy signal.

That is obviously changing today – at least that is the current status. If the Akasol share can hold the breakout during the day, the paper goes into the weekend with a fresh technical buy signal. In the zone between EUR 71.48 / EUR 72.06 and EUR 73.18 / 73.62, the first technical support for Akasol’s share price would be available, which has seen a steep upward movement since the end of October. For comparison: on October 28th there were still prices between 42.10 euros and 44.36 euros for the company’s share certificate. The steep upward movement gives rise to significant correction risks if the current buy signal cannot be sustained and then the zone between EUR 71.48 / 72.06 and EUR 73.18 / 73.62 is fallen below.

Important technical data on the Akasol share:

Last share price: 76.09 euros (exchange: XETRA – Frankfurt)
Bollinger Bands 20 (bottom / top): 60.02 euros / 76.38 euros
EMA 20: 68.20 euros
EMA 50: 60.39 euros
EMA 200: 48.73 euros


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