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These companies are testing drone deliveries

2020 seems to be the time for delivery drones. Similar to the air taxi, prototypes and project ideas have been circulating for years. The practical implementation was a long time coming, not least because of the requirements for air traffic that differ from country to country. The corona crisis apparently provided the final impetus to finally get the contactless and energy-saving type of parcel delivery on the way.

Delivery drones in the corona crisis

In July 2020, the World Economic Forum even proclaimed the “golden age of drone delivery”. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a rethink in society, writes Harrison Wolf, the organization’s “Aerospace and Drones” project manager. The public awareness of the benefits of small flying robots is increasingly outweighing their potential dangers. Drones have turned from ultra-modern technology into a useful tool that can also help save lives.

Start-ups, including from Germany, are cooperating with global logisticians. But also Google parent company Alphabet and some online retailers want to help shape the next level of goods delivery.

These companies rely on delivery drones


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