Prosus: There are no investment opportunities – share buyback

The stake in Tencent is clearly noticeable in the Prosus figures. In the first half of the year, sales at Prosus rose 53.4 percent to $ 2.17 billion. Profits rose nearly 21 percent to $ 3.02 billion. This clearly exceeds expectations. There is still no precise forecast for the current financial year.

A share buyback program is launched. This has a volume of 5 billion dollars. In addition to own shares, paper from the parent company (Naspers) will also be acquired. At the moment, you hardly see any suitable investment opportunities, so you use the money in this way. You also see your own valuation as low.

The analysts at Independent Research expect earnings per share of $ 2.98 in 2020/2021 (old: $ 2.58). The estimate for the coming fiscal year increases from $ 3.68 to $ 3.72.

The experts saw the price target for the Prosus shares so far at 85.00 euros. In today’s study it rises to 97.00 euros. There is still a hold recommendation for the share.

The dividend is of little interest at Prosus. We expect 0.11 euros, which corresponds to a return of 0.1 percent.

The papers from Prosus gain 1.9 percent in the morning to 95.06 euros.

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