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The scope of blockchain continues to expand as we discover the different uses for it around the world. The innovation comes to us this time from Poland more precisely from the city of Olsztyn, where the technology will be used to provide emergency services. An application that has so far not been tested in any other city in the world and that will undoubtedly help drive the adoption of blockchain in the country.

Improving police, ambulance and fire services with blockchain

SmartKey is a technology that allows connect the blockchain Ethereum to physical assets (building, house or apartment) by a connection whose access is guaranteed by a private key. In the context of this application, it allows the emergency services of the city of Olsztyn to access the physical assets in question in case of extreme need. Thanks to a smart contract, the police, fire and ambulance services can establish the necessary connection to rescue any citizen. There is therefore no need to wait for authorization from the key holder whose approval could come too late or who could be the person to be rescued.

The freedom of action that this technology offers to the city’s emergency services has been praised by Gustaw Marek Brzezin, the marshal of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship. ” The need for our rescue services to perform their tasks unhindered is delicate. The use of blockchain technology and SmartKey seems to be the ideal solution, as it reassures building owners and inhabitants, but it also gives freedom to our emergency services »He declared.

A first step towards the advent of smart cities

As a reminder, the concept of smart cities refers to any urban region using sensors and other technological tools to collect data useful for city management. This may include the management of resources, assets and, as in this case, the services offered to residents. This is the reason why the developers of SmartKey think that blockchain technology can lay the foundation for the development of smart cities.

It is true that the possibility of having physical assets connected offers several advantages on a daily basis with real opportunities for growth. The Internet of Things, or IoT, has also been identified by the World Economic Forum as an important factor of urban transformation especially after the COVID-19 crisis. Starting this adventure by providing emergency services would indeed make it possible to prove the relevance of such a transformation.


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If the city of Olsztyn is doing well using blockchain to improve emergency service delivery, it would do well to be careful not to step outside of it. It would indeed be unfortunate if SmartKey became a tool to spy on or violate the private space of citizens.


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