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Bitcoin (BTC) on October 30, 2020

With Uncle Sam lost in democratic limbo, bills are piling up in the boxes of the US Senate. After the “Banking for all Act” to create a “Digital Dollar”, here comes a new law that will be of great interest to bitcoiners: “Improving Digital Identity Act of 2020“. Republican MP Bill Foster wants to give each citizen a digital identity linked to the CBDC and, as long as it is, to vaccination certificates …

Banking for all Act

We were talking about it recently. The bill “Banking for All” was introduced at the same time as that of the famous check for $ 1200. The initial plan was to take this opportunity to distribute this $ 1200 in the form of Digital Dollar. Not voted to date, this opportunistic attempt was ultimately aborted by the Trump administration, which preferred to send good old paper checks.

The Banking for All Act stipulates that the Digital Dollar must take shape before January 1, 2021. Or the same month announced by Christine Lagarde for the Digital Euro:

We are not racing. We believe that the Digital Euro will not replace cash. It will be complementary to it. […]. If the transactions of a Digital Euro prove to be cheaper, faster and more secure for its users, then we should dig into the matter. If it protects our sovereignty and gives us more autonomy, I think we should dig into it. That’s why we launched a consultation in mid-October which will end in mid-January. We will then decide to launch a Digital Euro or not. It’s a decision that we will have to make collectively, but my hunch tells me we’ll do it.

Christine Lagarde, November 12, 2020

Christine Lagarde swears her great gods that theThe CBDC will not replace paper money but we have shown in this article that she thinks no less. On the other hand, who tells us that his successor will be of the same opinion?

On the question of sovereignty, the President of the ECB raises an interesting point. Indeed, a Digital Euro would be above all a new payment system in its own right. It could therefore be designed in such a way as to free itself from the SWIFT network which underlies all international transactions.

The former IMF president would like to bait us by suggesting that the Digital Euro will be the ultimate weapon to circumvent US embargoes but let’s not be fooled. Europe absolutely does not need a CBDC to trade with Iran. After all, the SWIFT entity is based in Brussels … This is a European creation! The ECB hands us a carrot, but the truth is that it would take political will to trade with Iran.

The real reasons behind this sudden interest in the CBDC since the start of the pandemic lie elsewhere and overlap with the larger project of Digital Identity.

Improving Digital Identity Act of 2020

Bill Foster, the MP sponsoring the rogue law, recently spoke at a webinar hosted by ID2020. Before deconstructing his words, let’s say a word about ID2020: This is an alliance created to deploy a digital identity globally. Its founders are the Rockefeller Foundation, Microsoft and Gavi-Vaccine-Alliance (a construction of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) as well as the giant Accenture which has long been in the ranks to participate in the creation of the Digital Dollar …

ID2020 has in particular as a partner MasterCard which is also a great patron of another creation of the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation: the “Better than Cash Alliance” whose goal is quite simply to make cash disappear everywhere in the world.

The recent statements by Bill Foster are very interesting in the sense that they the connection between digital identity, vaccination certificates, medical records and CBDCs. These are all subjects that Bill Gates has been highlighting for several years now.

The Covid pandemic has revealed a lot of variables where we need to elevate our game, for example by offering a secure digital identity. Because we shop more and more online, because we will potentially need vaccination certificates or need to access our medical records. It could also be used to prove one’s identity at a polling station. There is probably room for improvement there … CBDCs are also one of the things that will drive digital identity over the next few years. We do a lot of promotion for the CBDCs. […] We realized that we did not have a complete list of all our citizens when we distributed the check for $ 1,200.

Bill Foster, ID2020 webinar

Full webinar HERE

It is quite disturbing how much Bill Foster’s digital identity seems complementary to Bill Gates flagship projects. that are the end of cash, vaccination or the collection of data from medical files. The latter case would allow our medical history and food consumption habits to be put through an AI (machine learning) mill to determine in advance when we might get sick. This is extremely valuable information. It could be, for example, for a bank wondering whether it should lend you money or not. Ditto for a pharmaceutical laboratory which could then sell you preventive treatments.


The reference to the fraudulent US election is also crisp … As is the allusion to the problems of distributing the $ 1,200 which confirms that Plan A was indeed to launch the Digital Dollar during the pandemic.

Note also that, for Bill Foster (who predicts a merger between Tech and the bank within 10 years), the CBDCs will not necessarily be created from a blockchain … Yes, the bankers use the amalgam with Bitcoin (BTC) and “Blockchain” hype to manipulate the naive … The Digital Euro or Dollar will be the exact opposite of what Bitcoin represents.

Ultimately, it is the issue of anonymity on the internet that is at stake here. Tech billionaires want to take away our privacy rights and model our society on China’s social credit dystopia. Bill Gates aspires to centralize all our actions and actions on the web in order to mark us with a note that will influence our destiny …

And France is not left out … Macron is after all an emissary of Great Reset as he prefaced the book “Fourth Industrial Revolution” by World Economic Forum President Klaus Schwab. The very one who coined the phrase “Great Reset”.

The Avia laws (“hate” law), “global security” and even the one on online anonymity of Jean Castex, are in the same spirit. Ditto for the TES file (Secured Electronic Titles) which gathers the biometric data of 60 million French people. Dubbed the “File of Honest People,” it is a further milestone in mass surveillance. The good old Salami tactic …

CASTEX anonymity on social networks

Bitcoin vs CBDC

Digital identity, end of cash (CBDC), Health Passport, Mass surveillance, Citizen rating, Social credit calculated by AI, etc. All of these dimensions fit together to form an already developing dystopian puzzle. The global pandemic and the instrumentalisation of fear seem to act as a pre-shock strategy for a new attack on our fundamental freedoms.

Anonymity is disappearing in the streets (facial recognition cameras), in stores (end of cash) and on the internet (digital identity). Pierre-Joseph Proudhon said that to be governed, “it is to be kept in sight, inspected, directed, legislated, regulated, parked, indoctrinated, preached, controlled, estimated, appreciated, censored, commanded and spied on”. Nothing has changed if it is not the technology allowing to probe in the depths of individuals but also of masses (Big data).

A people willing to sacrifice a little freedom for a little security deserves neither, and ends up losing both.

Apocryphal quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin

Bitcoin is not just a great inflation hedge that doubles as gold 2.0. He is much more than an instrument of speculation for Golden boys. The goal was not to pay for your Starbuck in Bitcoin either, but above all to offer an alternative to the monopoly of central banks. They who are stealthily advancing to end cash flow today.

That day, we will be on the verge of the Chinese system where those who do not think like the government are ostracized from society. Our money will be blocked and we will live in an open-air prison.

The more central banks will push to launch their shitcoin, the more Bitcoin will appear as the only alternative to spend money without being scrutinized or prevented by Big Brother. Half of Bitcoin miners are Chinese because they can see that their society is becoming Orwellian. Conversely, no government can prevent you from making a Bitcoin transaction and no one will be able to know who you are as long as you are a bit skillful.

Unless there is a change of course, world civilization will have become a postmodern surveillance dystopia within a few years from which only the most able will have a chance to escape.

Julian Assange, still imprisoned by …

The world after

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