Westland and Those Vegan Cowboys are jointly launching 100 percent vegetable cheese

Both companies see cheese without the use of animals as the cheese with the most future. CEO Henny Westland: ‘This is an important step in our mission to enable 100 million people to sustainably enjoy climate-neutral cheese by 2036.’ Those Vegan Cowboys founder Jaap Korteweg: ‘We are both interested in the best taste.’

Tasteful collaboration
The two companies are starting the new cheese line from a joint new venture. Henny Westland: ‘Working together is in our blood. Because we don’t have our own cows, we can easily make the switch to the new vegetable cheese. ‘

Korteweg is convinced of the added value of the partnership: ‘From De Vegetarian Slager we always worked together with parties from the traditional industry and top chefs. With really tasty vegetable cheese, we accelerate the transition to a more sustainable and animal-friendly production of food. ‘

Westland and Those Vegan Cowboys find each other in their common belief that vegan cheese should be especially tasty. Westland and Korteweg: ‘We make cheese for real cheese lovers. That is why our products will taste at least as good as the traditional variant. ‘

New brand
The cheese line will be launched under a new joint brand name and will eventually consist of various products. Westland: ‘As a family business, we look ahead to the next generation of cheeses, which will give life just as much flavor as now.’

In addition to the collaboration, Those Vegan Cowboys will continue to focus on the development of plant-based dairy products through microbial fermentation. Korteweg: ‘The development of that specific cheese, made of grass and indistinguishable from real cheese, will probably take years. We have promised a reward of 2.5 million euros to accelerate this development. In the meantime, the cheese girl and the cowboy bring together the best imaginable based on existing vegetable ingredients. ‘
(PvWK, Photo: Polina Tankilevitch / Pexels)

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