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Limit losses – with 3 case studies and a fact check.

Anyone who deals a little with the subject of the stock market knows this advice. But what if we instead let losses run and cap profits? Do you think that can’t work? Then read this post.

Why you namely this and many others Stock market wisdom must not trust blindly, that is what you will learn in this article. From our point of view one of the most important articles on our trading blog.

Please read whether you are a beginner or an advanced trader / investor.

Click here and see the case study.

Thomas Vittner went public in 2001 as a career changer from the insurance industry and within a few years became a successful stock trader. Thomas was the founder and managing director of the world’s first equity robo advisor, a digital financial services provider. Today he is a Börsenbuch bestseller author and likes to pass on his knowledge to others. Among other things, he gave lectures at the Vienna Stock Exchange and at numerous German universities (Munich, Hamburg, Halle, Augsburg and many more). He is also a popular speaker at many European stock exchanges. In his stock market crash live ticker, Thomas Vittner regularly gives stock tips, links to interesting topics relating to the Corona Virus and tells of his personal experiences in the crisis. Read stock exchange live ticker now and subscribe to the free crash newsletter. You can find more information about Thomas here

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