Uncertain chair of the supervisory board at Deutsche Bank

For many, the head of the German stock exchange is set as the successor to Paul Achleitner in the Deutsche Bank. But some time ago major shareholders proposed another. More news from Corestate, Seydler, EQT, Deutsche Familienversicherung and Klaus Kleinfeld.

… Deutsche Bank shareholders doubt that Deutsche Börse boss Theodor Weimer will also be the right chairman for the supervisory body from 2022 after his election to the Deutsche Bank Supervisory Board in June 2020? An indication: Major shareholder Cerberus suggested some time ago the Irish Colm Kelleher, former president of the investment bank Morgan Stanley, as the new chairman of the board. Even if this persona has meanwhile been shattered, the suggestion, because of Kelleher’s profile, was reportedly approved. Because for some major Deutsche Bank shareholders, Kelleher has what Weimer still lacks: in-depth knowledge of bond and currency trading, i.e. in the domain of Deutsche Bank’s investment banking.

… René Parmantier, long-time CEO of the securities trading bank Oddo Seydler, becomes CEO of the real estate company Corestate? Previously, Corestate’s supervisory board had resigned completely and Vertigo, a new dominant investor, entered the S-Dax company.

… Klaus Kleinfeld is about to found an empty shell (“Spac”)? The former Alcoa and Siemens boss plans to use the Spac to go public on the New York Stock Exchange and only use the proceeds to buy a company.

… the financial investor EQT wants to bring the Nuremberg software company Suse to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2021?

… the German family insurance company has signed Karsten Paetzmann, most recently a partner in the auditing company BDO, as CFO?


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