TUI share: wave of profit-taking – what now? – Chart analysis

After the recovery rally in TUI shares from EUR 2.926 in mid-October to EUR 6.47 on November 25, investors have taken considerable profits in the last few days. This is especially true for Wednesday yesterday: TUI’s share price fell to EUR 4.928, the day before the touristic group’s share had gone out of trading at EUR 5.69. In addition to profit-taking, the message about a pressed Another financial crisis aid package for TUI with a volume of 1.8 billion euros had a major impact on the mood. The package will also include a rights issue of € 500 million.

In terms of the chart, the consolidation after the previous significant price gains in the TUI share was not a surprise, especially since there had previously been a false breakout at the resistance at EUR 6.29 / 6.41. This caused a first strong wave of profit-taking on November 25th. After several days of calming in a sideways movement, TUI’s share price then fell again yesterday. Only in the area on the 200-day line at EUR 4.934 did the downward movement stop and buybacks then made the price of the paper rise again. With 5.33 euros and a price loss of more than 6 percent, it then went out of XETRA trading. Current indications are trading noticeably below again on Thursday morning at EUR 5.12 / EUR 5.16.


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