SAP share: who will lose his nerve first? – Chart analysis

The SAP share becomes a game of nerves and patience. Furthermore, the share price of the DAX-listed software group from Walldorf did not manage to overcome important technical chart hurdles and thus significantly expand the moderate countermovement to the previous price slump. In the last few days, SAP’s share price was able to work its way back into the range of 101.98 / 102.60 euros, but the important technical chart hurdles just above were not seriously endangered. On Wednesday, the SAP share was almost unchanged from trading at EUR 101.30 and a gain of 0.08 percent.

Current indications on Thursday morning at 101.24 / 101.48 euros further testify to a calm that does not exactly support a potential breakout scenario for the DAX share. Price-relevant news is currently not available for the SAP share. In terms of chart technology, the decisive brands remain unchanged compared to the scenarios outlined above. Here again the most important key data:

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