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Fueling the news in the crypto space for the past few months, CBDCs are generating interest that is no longer limited to central banks. Among his new admirers are the payment service Ripple who want to master a little more the contours. The company is looking for an expert specializing in digital currencies wanted by central banks.

Ripple in support of CBDC development

By launching this recruitment, Ripple affirms its intention to define a full policy to support central banks in the development of CBDCs. The incumbent of the post concerned must ensure implementation of interoperability with the XRP Ledger settlement system. Among other things, he will be in charge of relations and projects between the company and the central banks. To qualify for this position, Ripple requires aspirants an experience of more than 10 years in the sale of technologies. Also accepted are profiles with a similar experience in account management involving sales to large financial institutions or central banks.

This year, Ripple had already shown signs of rapprochement with the CBDCs suggesting its commitment to the success of this project. Last August, Emi yoshikawa -the company’s senior director of global operations- claimed that XRP would not compete with CBDCs but rather be complementary to them. The following month, the company published a note in which it presented its payment network as being necessary for interoperability between global CBDC initiatives.

Previous meetings with central banks

Prior to these statements and this search for a director responsible for CBDC matters, the company had already completed a reconciliation with central banks. This was particularly the case last May, where Ripple had held a closed-door meeting with Brazil’s central bank. If no information had filtered out regarding the agenda of the meeting, an exchange around institutional issues had been mentioned in particular. Although no official statement has been made, this company’s decision suggests that it is in advanced contact with other central banks for future partnerships.


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Like PayPal’s commitment to cryptocurrency, Ripple therefore intends to become a stronghold in the development of digital currencies and their use. The next news on the subject could also be that of a partnership with a central bank as part of the test phase of the CBDCs that is coming up.


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