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Podcast drones should be used sensibly

Jörg Schamuhn sees German drone technology as far aheadPhoto: private

Artificial intelligence, blockchain or social bots – the future is digital. But how digital is Germany actually? In the podcast “So techt Germany” the best digital experts provide insights into the tech scene.

Not even one in ten leading supply chain processing providers surveyed were in favor of investing in drones in 2017. Two years later, more than one in five are planning an investment. In Germany, around 19,000 commercially used drones are currently flying over our heads. In addition, there are 455,000 private models. In an international comparison, the German market is more in the middle. The Federal Association of the German Aviation Industry predicts that the commercially used drones in particular will see enormous growth by 2030.

There is greater interest in flying objects in China: 19,000 drones are sold there every year for agricultural use alone. Nevertheless, Germany is a “pioneer country in the development of drones”, said Jörg Schamuhn. He is the head of Airial Robotics, a company specializing in drone technology. “As far as innovations are concerned, we are already very far,” he says. The practical conditions have already been met: the airspace over Germany has been mapped. Drones could automatically fly according to previously digitally planned routes.

The future of drones is uncertain

In order to make the drone more socially acceptable, Schamuhn would like more pilot projects in Germany. Otherwise you might lose your technological lead. According to Schamuhn, this danger arises above all “through our bureaucratism and misery”. The future of drones in Germany is still uncertain. The head of Airial Robotics is certain that it will depend on “political and social acceptance”. However, Schamuhn considers Amazon Prime Air and Co. to be superfluous. He thinks more of organs that have to be transported from one hospital to the next. Drone transports should be one thing above all: sensible.

In the new episode of “So techt Germany”, Jörg Schamuhn explains what other drone missions he envisions, what have already been implemented and what he thinks about air taxis.

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