Deutsche Börse: ESG and sustainability in focus

A few days ago, Deutsche Börse held a virtual capital market day. The focus was on the medium-term “Compass 23” growth strategy. They want to grow by 10 percent annually in both sales and profits by 2023. Acquisitions also play a role here.

Most recently, the exchange took a majority stake in Institutional Shareholders Services. This investment is intended to boost EBITDA by EUR 15 million annually in the future.

At the end of October the company entered into a stake in Clarity AI. This fintech investment platform focuses on the topic of ESG.

It has been shown that the stock exchange is becoming more and more interested in this topic and in sustainability. The Independent Research experts rate this as positive.

As before, they expect earnings per share of EUR 5.96 for 2020. In 2021 it should be 6.55 euros (old: 6.33 euros). The dividend should be EUR 3.10 and EUR 3.30 respectively. This corresponds to a return of 2.2 percent and 2.4 percent respectively.

The analysts continue to recommend buying the papers of the Frankfurt company. The price target for the shares of Deutsche Börse increases from 150.00 euros to 160.00 euros.

Deutsche Börse shares lost 0.7 percent in the morning to 138.45 euros.


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