Websuper Picnic celebrates start in ‘t Gooi with a visit to Gordon

The singer and presenter symbolically received the first messages for his home in Blaricum. With about 16,000 registrations, about 16 percent of all households in the delivery area have now registered with Picnic.

Gordon Heuckeroth is delighted to welcome Picnic to his hometown. ‘Getting groceries delivered to your home is a godsend. Because of the work I do, I am away from home a lot and I just don’t have time to go to the supermarket as well. ‘ The singer certainly sees an added value of the shopping service in these times: ‘Older people can often do more than you think, but this saves a lot of hernias because you don’t have to lug all those heavy shopping bags. It also prevents stress in the supermarket outside those much too early hours of the elderly. ‘

Lots of families
Not only elderly people in Gooische, but also many families can use the delivery service, Picnic reports. Within Hilversum, the largest municipality in the new delivery area, a third of the households consists of families. Picnic also supplies in Huizen, Naarden, Bussum, Laren, Blaricum and Eemnes. In total, about 100,000 households can register for the delivery service.

“December is a hectic month for many families,” says Picnic co-founder Michiel Muller. ‘Many new questions will be added this year. How do you organize Christmas with family, what do you cook when you always go out for dinner and when is it quiet enough in the supermarket to do some shopping? It is nice to be able to offer a solution by delivering the groceries fresh and safe to the door. It almost fits in with the Christmas spirit. ‘

Centrally located hub
The messages are delivered from a so-called hub, a local distribution point. This is located on the French Kampweg in Bussum, centrally located in the delivery area. From here, 35 runners (delivery drivers) and 15 carts take to the road at the start. This number will grow to 30 trolleys and 90 runners in 2021. Since the announcement, the number of registrations has increased rapidly. 16,000 households have now registered. “We are busy with it,” admits Muller. ‘We are rapidly expanding our activities in Het Gooi. This way, as many people as possible get a turn as soon as possible. ‘

The compact electric carts with which Picnic delivers are environmentally friendly, quiet and do not get in the way. In addition, the delivery model means a significant reduction in CO2 emissions from cars, which consumers normally use to drive to and from the supermarket a few times a week. Picnic puts an end to food waste, because it only purchases those foods that have actually been ordered by its customers. “That way nothing gets lost.”

About Picnic
‘Before the launch in the Netherlands at the end of 2015, Picnic worked in silence for three years with a team of 30 specialists on delivering groceries at home without unnecessary intermediaries. The customer chooses which ride suits best and knows exactly what time the delivery will take place up to the minute via the Picnic shopping radar. The costs of this new way of distribution are so low that the delivery is free and the groceries also have the lowest price. ‘

(source: Picnic)

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