Tesla: Upward trend continues unabated

Tesla’s soaring continues almost unabated. In mid-November, the automaker’s share was quoted at just under EUR 350, and the EUR 500 mark is currently in sight again. Many analysts are wary of the title. The rating is now too high for them. The market capitalization of this one electric car manufacturer is almost as high as that of all other automobile manufacturers worldwide. For many, this represents a disproportionate.

One sees it differently with the experts from Goldman Sachs. The American analysts upgrade the papers of Tesla. Previously, the shares were rated “neutral” and the price target was $ 455.00. In the new study by the experts, a buy recommendation is made for the shares of Tesla. The price target is raised to $ 780.00.

From the point of view of the experts, e-mobility is becoming more and more important and the dynamism is progressing accordingly. The market is changing, the transformation is happening faster than previously forecast. You are correspondingly positive.

The shares of Tesla gain in the afternoon in Frankfurt 4.3 percent to 489.65 euros. On the Nasdaq, the carmaker’s share rose 4.6 percent to $ 594.75.


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