Siemens Energy posted positive share price development

Siemens Gamesa is a subsidiary of the spun off Siemens Energy AG.
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The separation from Siemens energy division gives the parent company a positive share price development: Despite the billions in losses in the past fiscal year, optimism is also spreading at the young Siemens Energy AG.

Joe Kaeser still has to practice changing roles. As CEO of Siemens on demand, he recently rejoiced over the successful spin-off from Siemens Energy as a step towards the re-evaluation of the “New Siemens AG”. “Not unexpectedly, the listing of Siemens Energy was an enormous catalyst,” he said at the last annual press conference in his role, which he will hand over to Roland Busch at the end of the Annual General Meeting on February 3. Then it is all over with success. In his new role as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Siemens Energy, he will have enough work on a major construction site with high deficits.

With the largest spin-off in Germany to date, Siemens threw off ballast. As a result, Kaeser was able to look forward to the positive development of the Siemens share price. As an architect, he tailored the “new Siemens” to digital industry and intelligent infrastructure, separated from the former core business of medical technology (Siemens Healthineers) with an IPO, and now cut historical roots with Energy. His joy was undisguised: “Unexpected is the fulminance of the form with a price increase of more than 9 percent and an increase in Siemens’ market capitalization of around seven billion euros on that day.” Kaeser meant September 28th when the bell rang for Energy . And two weeks later, the Siemens share made up for the calculated price discount of 11 euros as a decrease in value due to the separated energy business. “These successes were certainly the highlight of our fourth quarter and fiscal year 2020, in which we were able to outperform both the Dax and the MSCI Industrials.”


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