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You are probably already familiar with Just Mining, the company that lets you invest in mining, masternodes and staking with ease. With the approach of Ethereum 2.0 (ETH) which will allow you to staker, the French company has entered into an exclusive partnership with Exaion, a subsidiary of EDF. The goal is simple: to offer you the best deal, with 100% French service!

How to do 100% French ETH staking?

It is one of these significant collaborations for an ecosystem, those which show that the blockchain is progressing in the minds, those that show that we have enough to achieve beautiful Franco-French solutions.

It’s been official since yesterday, the company Just mining, a well-known player in the crypto ecosystem partners with the EDF group and more specifically with its subsidiary Exaion as part of the node operation for the Ethereum 2 network.

Phase 0 of ETH 2.0 has been launched since December 1 and already nearly 1 million ETH has been deposited in the validators. A success that is not surprising as the ETH staking was expected.

An investment open to all

To operate a node on the ETH network, it is necessary to have 32 ETH, i.e. almost € 16,000 at the current price. A significant investment that is not within the reach of all budgets.

Rest assured about the offer of Just mining, you can participate in the adventure from 0.5 ETH.

If you do not yet have ETH you can buy it directly with euros on the Just Mining platform. Conversely, if you already own the tokens, you can simply drop them in a few clicks.

You then have access to a management Dashboard allowing you to follow your investment with ease.

Details of the offer

Be careful though before embarking on the adventure, you need to understand how an Ethereum node (ETH) works. Indeed, the ETH network has imposed certain conditions that validators cannot obstruct.

First annual return on investment (ROI) which, to date, it is 15.7%, is not fixed in time. Indeed, the latter will gradually decrease over time depending on the number of ETH nodes in operation. So, those who position themselves early will benefit from a more attractive ROI. The good news is that it is possible to know how this ROI will evolve over time thanks to a graph made public by the Ethereum teams.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

Then, it must be remembered that the ETHs placed in the validators are blocked for an indefinite period.. This duration does not depend on Just Mining or Exaion, but on the ETH network and its technical advances. It will be possible to recover your ETH between phases 1.5 and 2. We believe that we will arrive at these phases of development within 18 to 24 months.

Likewise, the interest earned will also not be available immediately. You will have to wait at least until phase 1.5 to take advantage of the new ETHs freshly acquired thanks to your validator.

Finally, it will take 7.5% of fees on the interest received to benefit from the service of Just Mining. A competitive offer made possible thanks to the collaboration with Exaion. In fact, most of the providers who operate the nodes themselves are positioned between 10 and 15% of costs.

We had two options. The first was to delegate the ETHs of our clients to an additional platform. In that case, we didn’t have to do anything technically, then we would just have been a middleman taking a commission and we found this reasoning ridiculous. The second possibility, the one we opted for, was to partner with a strong partner who allowed us to operate our nodes at a lower cost to maintain business competence.Owen Simonin, CEO of Just Mining

Just Mining X Exaion, the underside of an unprecedented collaboration

A French collaboration between a giant and a startup to agree on a 100% French cryptocurrency staking offer. Can you believe it? A scenario that was still impossible a few years ago and yet today we are there.

But what is the concrete use of this association? To operate ETH nodes, it is necessary to have a reliable infrastructure. And you can imagine, who better than EDF to play this role in France. Here, Exaion will provide French computing power at a lower cost to the Just Mining teams, thus enabling them to establish their node on the territory while remaining competitive.

Besides, if we are to believe the latest tweet from Just mining, the relationship between the two entities is not new and seems well established. Can we expect new synergies?

We have excellent relations with Exaion, we have been discussing various topics for some time. This collaboration is a first step. Will there be more? Sure, that’s the goal, we discuss other topics, but take the time to get it right. ” Thibaut Boutrou, Marketing Manager of Just Mining


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

If you are ever interested in Ethereum 2.0, but you do not have enough to pay the required 32 ethers, this offer from Just Mining with Exaion could be of great interest to you! The opportunity to enter this long overdue Ethereum staking race?


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