CZ and Hasheur launch Binance Webimarathon (BNB) – Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain fan looking to learn more? Have you always dreamed of having a certification issued by Binance (BNB) and CZ itself? So it’s a bit of Christmas before its time for you.


From from December 5 to December 17, Binance will organize not one, not two but well six webinars exclusive, here is the program that has been communicated so far:

  • Understanding Bitcoin (BTC), Blockchain, and Cryptos
  • New financial products and new crypto uses
  • Secure your cryptos and avoid hacks
  • Have a traders mentality
  • The next upcoming industry trends
  • Future technological developments and the smart chain binance

Each webinar will be an opportunity to welcome big names in the blockchain industry to benefit from their personal experiences.

CZ is the first guest of the Webimarathon !?

And yes, you read correctly ! Tomorrow, Saturday 5 December 2020 one day will be historic for the French community, the CEO of the yellow and black dragon will answer questions from Owen Simonin (aka Hasheur), winner of the Binance European Influencer title.


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