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In the stories that pass my screens every week, things are discussed that are so new that they require deepening. This week I was particularly fascinated by the phenomenon of conversation design. AI is increasingly getting a grip on communication. Writing texts for bots has already become a normal, but highly specialized profession. Forecasters say that in the foreseeable future the conversation between companies, institutions and consumers will be fully automated. How many letters do not fall on your front doormat or in your e-mail box that says: “this letter has been automatically generated”, which means that the computer has prepared it. In most cases, writing back or responding is not possible. Conversation design is a communication tool that combines technology, psychology and copywriting. Because your bot must have a clear personality, with its own writing and talking style. And the special thing about a chatbot is that it continuously learns and thus continues to develop. As a content marketer, I scratch my head once, but it is clear that I cannot avoid getting into it.

What also fascinated me was a story about blockchain on FW. The corona crisis has accelerated the technological transition in many areas, including the deployment of blockchain technology. This story is about: Trend 1. Strong supply chains; trend 2. The government crypto; trend 3. The fintechisation of our society; trend 4. Zero knowledge necessary. Or as the author writes ; blockchain, just like artificial intelligence and machine learning, will provide new breakthroughs.

A message from is a thoughtful reminder. “IT is often positioned as a shared service center, like facilities, to which you allocate costs. That is often a percentage of the turnover. With all the new technology, that role is shifting. IT has become a facilitator of future sales. This requires different knowledge and insights in order to determine budgets and values. Forbes has researched that the current board of directors and management teams often have too little knowledge of IT. In 10 years’ time, they expect that 75 percent of future CEOs will be more technology-driven. “This certainly also applies within content marketing. If your IT isn’t under control, lose business in the near future.

This website recently published a story about how traditional agencies are increasingly adding content labels to their activities. The world of content marketing has been discovered. Twenty years ago, the international agency cafes bought content agencies to see what the power of content marketing was. Perhaps too early, because many offices that have been taken over no longer exist or have been sold. Exciting to see how things will turn out this time. I pick a few quotes from the story. They describe what the content marketing agencies have been saying for years and what their success is based on. “The agency world is making a discovery. It was about time. “The question now is whether the quality that is necessary for effectiveness can also be realized in the advertising world. We are going to follow it critically. “Content requires a different way of thinking and working. Because of my experience with Appie Today (Bergers was a marketer at Albert Heijn for ten years, ed.) I had a good idea of ​​what was needed to successfully implement a content strategy. The most important thing here is that you start from your brand story, “says Monique Bergers of N = Content. ‘The label responds directly to the demand from our customers to add a storytelling layer to existing campaigns that appeal to their target group. As a brand you have to make sure that you do this in a way that is valuable and adds something for the consumer – and that is possible with content. It gives you the opportunity to show that you do more than just send and sell products, but also want to pick up on and add something to the culture of your target group, “according to Lenneke Speelman of 180 Content. “Because a content product is usually linked to a marketing objective, as an organization you need an external team that masters both areas, ie content and marketing. In large organizations, the marketing and communication departments often operate like islands. This is not the case with us and there is constant cross-pollination. Then a smaller team and short lines of communication are nice, “according to Hans van Lindenberg of ContentCross. Taco Rijssemus of IDTV sees a growing need for content, because advertising does not always appear to be effective. ‘The question is of course what exactly content is. We define it as media products that the consumer wants to see and contrast it with advertising that the consumer must see. In many cases I think that the content labels are still advertising. ‘

Jelmer Wind from Studio Catwise does not necessarily see ‘the content label’ as a new trend, but as a common move that agencies are making. ‘What is the trend is the growth of specialisms under one roof. Content is an important part of this, but you also see it with data and performance. Originated from the idea that customers want to place everything with one party and that agencies can actually offer this. ‘


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