column The influence of rank brain and AI on copywriting

What is rank brain and artificial intelligence again?

Rankbrain is a machine learning (i.e. artificial intelligence) system. That system interprets complex queries by comparing them to previous queries based on their results and search intent.
Loosely translated; Google cannot understand all searches equally well and looks back to previous searches and their results to indicate the intent of a particular search query. As an online marketing agency, for example, you could start optimizing for the search term “online marketer”, but Google has now discovered that people who search for it are not looking for an online marketing agency or an online marketer, but are looking for vacancies or that they want to know what an online marketer does.

In short, Google understands the approach of a certain search query through machine learning and AI, based on previous searches.

How does Google determine search intent?

In short, by looking at the user signals or user signals. If a search result does not match or does not suit a particular search query, Google will immediately recognize this in user signals such as:

  • Click Through Rate: The number of clicks a search result receives
  • Time on site: How long visitors stay on your website
  • Bounce Percentage: Percentage of visitors who navigate away after viewing 1 page without doing anything
  • Pogosticking: Quickly return to the search results every time and view the next one.

Customize your content creation and copywriting

Because Google is increasingly looking at user signals when determining the best search results, a number of rules of the game that we have followed for years are changing when we write seo texts. How can you respond to this and what should you do to take advantage of these changes?

Forget exact spelling or specific search terms

Huh? Google does value the correct spelling, doesn’t it? That’s right, but because Google increasingly understands what a page is about and can even place it in context, it is no longer important whether the specific search term is in singular or plural, with or without hyphen or written separately or together.
But so does the search query that was misspelled. So if someone types in “seo agency”, Google understands very well that they are looking for a “seo agency”.
In addition, if you use a lot of synonyms and related search terms in your copy, you help Google to understand even better what your text is about and in what context it appears.

Deal with related questions and topics per page

Google will index paragraphs separately. That means if a page has many related topics and questions that can rank just as well as by the main topic or keyword.
So cover a complete theme or topic with all its facets and parts on one page. To start with, Google sees that you offer a lot of information on your page, which increases the chance that the visitor will be satisfied in his search and in addition, you can rank on as many related keywords as possible with that page.

Answer frequently asked questions in your headlines

Due to the influence of Rankbrain in combination with voice search, a new way of copywriting is required. Due to the growing use of voice search, people are increasingly entering queries. These searches are often longer and are usually specific questions.
If you have those questions as headlines in your text, Google will see that you literally answer that question on your page and see that your search result is extremely relevant.

Make longer content

Longer content is appreciated by Google. The search giant sees that you provide a lot of information on the subject of the search and chances are your page will be a satisfactory result. In addition, you have a greater chance of answering the right specific questions and the chance that you will rank on more keywords with that page.
Here you can read more about the seo trends of 2021, which you can respond to well.

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