BioNTech share: top news, but also information about dangers!

In the case of BioNTech shares, the question about the strong price gains of the last few months and the turbulent price development of the past few days continues: “Did the biotech share run hot in the COVID-19 vaccine rally, or is something else going on?”. Yesterday’s trading day on NASDAQ could not answer that. With a price range between 116.43 dollars and 123.59 dollars, the volatility remained moderately high and well below the previous day, the trading range of 108.00 / 128.13 dollars completely covered yesterday’s Wednesday and also brought a new all-time high for the BioNTech share .

And so yesterday’s NASDAQ trade for the share in the Mainz biotech group, which is now the received first approval for its COVID-19 vaccine BNT162, above all one important technical news: The support zone, which now represents the previous all-time high of 112.50 / 115.00 dollars for BioNTech shares, was not in danger. Although there were no new upward impulses, the overriding upward movement in the BioNTech share price will initially remain intact. Here again the most important key data:


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