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The public offering of tokens initiated by WPO, which ran from September 8 to November 12, is now closed. In accordance with the Offer disclosure document, WPO is now proceeding with the creation and issuance of 4 million GreenTokens.

A European platform for energy

The GreenTokens tokens are the digital assets created by WPO aiming to transform the European energy sector and accelerate the energy transition through the use of Blockchain.

With this project, WPO and its partners aim to build a European multiservice platformsmart and fluid – for energy data management, a form of decentralized energy internet based on Blockchain and artificial intelligence.

For over two years, professionals in the renewable energy sector have subscribed to the private sale of GreenTokens tokens with the aim of bringing trust and transparency to the energy sector through the Blockchain. Contractual commitments or recurring token purchase options already represent an amount of 3 million euros over 10 years.

The end of a milestone

In accordance with the information document of public offering of GreenTokens tokens, WPO management will allocate 643,603 GreenTokens tokens subscribed during the private sale before allocating the remainder to the reserve.The issuance of these 4 million tokens is a new milestone for the GreenToken project. Members of the GreenToken Network who have subscribed to the private sale will now be able to use the GreenToken token as a thematic means of payment for the Energy Transition. We are proud to have successfully completed this new stage of the GreenToken project. », Barthélémy Rouer, CEO of WPO.

As a reminder, we had the opportunity to interview Barthélémy Rouer to discuss the WPO project in more detail. We leave you without further delay with his detailed interview!


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