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In order to be better adopted by the public, cryptocurrencies and the industry that revolves around them must be known and mastered by all. This is the mission that the Ukrainian government has decided to accomplish through its ministry of digital transformation. The latter has published on the web a whole series of episodes with educational content on the subject. One more way for the authorities to promote the development of cryptographic activities in the country.

Explanations of basic concepts to the most complex subjects

Named Diia.Digital Education, the program promoted by the Ukrainian government was able to see the light of day thanks to a collaboration with Binance, Hacken and Crystal Blockchain. Consisting of a series of eight episodes of a maximum duration of 12 minutes, it is based on an interview with industry specialists. The latter are notably questioned by the host Andriy Onistrat who is actually an entrepreneur and former banker. The various subjects that are thus addressed during these exchanges allow the public to learn the basics of how cryptocurrencies and blockchain work. This was indeed the case with the first episode which presents the concept of cryptocurrency as a ledger of permissionless and unstoppable transactions.

Marketing Director of Binance in Ukraine, Ivan Paskar also had to participate in one of these discussion sessions alongside Mr. Onistrate. There is for example explained how bitcoin managed to maintain a supply that was both immutable and verifiable. Other more complex subjects were also raised during this episode such as smart contracts and the functioning of decentralized exchanges. Overall, the program’s user-friendly format makes it easy for audiences to learn about the concepts developed. Viewers receive at the end of the program a certificate for having followed all the episodes which are otherwise available on YouTube.

Ukraine in full campaign for a digital culture of these citizens

This program is part of the multiple efforts undertaken by the government to facilitate the creation of an environment conducive to the development of crypto activities in the country. If the purpose of these episodes is toinstill a digital culture among citizens, companies are not forgotten. The latter can also thank Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation for its commitment to clear regulation of their activities. It was in this context that a collaboration with Binance was established over the last year. It was planned that the latter would come to the aid of the ministry to design the country’s regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies.


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The choice to educate the population on cryptocurrencies through this program should also allow companies in the sector to better present their product and service in the country. There is no doubt that this initiative will be taken up in other countries once the method has borne fruit in Ukraine.


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