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Stage fright is not only a problem for people who are on stage professionally. Even those who have to give presentations in front of many people on the job or are invited to panel discussions as experts may have experiences with the nervous tension beforehand. Some people may feel that this tingling sensation in the stomach spurs them on to peak performance, while others fear that the grumbling could even turn into a stomach ulcer.

Whether you are slightly tense before an important professional appointment or are terrified of failure is not a trait that is inherited from the cradle. Instead, your own attitude towards yourself plays an important role. In addition, you can also train to reduce the stress factor to a moderate level. Maria Staribacher, stage fright coach in Vienna, gives three tips on how to reduce the excitement in an interview with the recruiting company Avantgarde Experts.

# 1 Calm your breath

21, 22, 23…: Everyone has probably heard the tip to count slowly and continuously. Ultimately, this seems banal, but according to experts it is not. Breath is a great way to calm the body. However, the whole thing doesn’t work without practice. “The body needs time to adapt and to know what to do. Some are always amazed, but that takes up to 4,000 practice units, ”emphasizes Staribacher. In particular, it is important to train to maintain proper breathing while speaking.

# 2 Get moving

It can also be calming to move around before an important appointment or a presentation instead of staring at your planned presentation on the screen over and over again. In this case, of course, exercise does not mean sport. But if, for example, there are only two S-Bahn stations to your appointment, walk instead of taking the train. If you go up to the boss on the eighth floor, walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. “Exercise breaks down stress hormones,” emphasizes the expert.

# 3 Learn special techniques

If someone has persistent and persistent problems with excitement, taking a deep breath and walking around the block may not be enough. It can then be advisable to learn special relaxation techniques such as autogenic training and to use them specifically if necessary. Staribacher also recommends the Wingwave method, in which, to put it simply, the eyes are moved from right to left. These fast movements are said to have a positive effect on stress management. Another method is the EFT tapping technique, a type of acupressure. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique: Tapping on certain energy channels in the body, the so-called meridians, is intended to calm the nervous system. If none of this is of any use, a professional, i.e. a coach, has to work.

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