On average, we spend 65 euros on telecommunications

Private households spend an average of 20 euros a month on mobile communications.
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Whether making calls or writing emails, we are more networked than ever. Private households are spending more on this today, six years ago.

6th5 euros – this is how much private households in Germany spend on post and telecommunications every month. This amount calculated for 2019 was slightly higher than in 2014, when 61 euros per month were incurred for phone calls and internet surfing, for the purchase of telecommunications equipment and postal services. The Federal Statistical Office called these numbers on Thursday.

By far the largest share was spent on telecommunications services by households, namely 54 euros (2014: 52 euros). They paid an average of 24 euros for the combined internet and telephone flat rates. For mobile communications (call, connection and basic charges), 20 euros were incurred, for landline connections eight euros and internet access fees three euros. The purchase of devices such as telephones, smartphones or routers, including their repairs, cost seven euros. Private households spent four euros a month on postal services such as sending letters and parcels. This sum remained stable compared to 2014.

“As the size of the household increases, so do the expenses for post and telecommunications,” the statisticians say. While people living alone made up 48 euros a month for this, two-person households spent 70 euros. In households with three people, the costs were similar to those with four members (88 and 89 euros, respectively). Households of five or more people spent an average of 104 euros.


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