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Hear, be brave readers. No matter what your profession, you all aspire to the same goal: financial freedom. In this ever-changing world, time is scarce. How the hell to achieve such a goal? Isn’t there a solution that takes advantage of technology that saves your time and maximizes your money? Legend has it that a distant successor to Emperor Napoleon would hold the key to this riddle! He is here today to tell us about it, I ask you to welcome Stéphane Ifrah, CEO of NapoleonX!

Napoleon AM, NapoleonX, Napoleon Crypto, Napbots… here I am lost!

Yes that’s normal, that’s a lot of Napoleon all at once! You’ll see, it’s not that complicated. It all starts in february 2018 by one ICO with the NapoleonX (NPX) as token. This token had 2 roles:

  1. Get Trading Signals
  2. Obtain a percentage of the capital gains DAF (Decentralized ATutonomous Funds)

Napoleon Crypto is none other than the company directly behind NapoleonX. Who says ICO says collecting money and this is where it comes in Napoleon AM. This is a management fund funded by this ICO. From these funds are also born Napbots, the parent company of the trading robots developed by the team. Are you still following? Perfect ! These companies, although independent, operate in synergy, thus the NapoleonX also allows you to pay for the services offered by Napbots.

What are Napbots?

Napbots is a trading robot with access to 8 platforms. To make it very simple, our little companion, once you have given him the authorizations, will connect for you to place your buy and sell orders. Depending on the exchange you choose, the possible actions are not the same. It is therefore an à la carte menu where you will be free to order if you prefer spot trading (long / short) or derivatives. Of course complete platforms such as Binance will have access to all 20 Napbots strategies ! Is your favorite exchange not yet available? Don’t worry, the team is always exploring new opportunities. Moreover, if you are an amateur Automated Market Maker (AMM), the team is also exploring this possibility. CEX and DEX will therefore be within your reach in this long quest for financial freedom.

Great, but we know the refrain of the trading bot to become a millionaire …

Yes indeed and that’s very unfortunate … but you know what differentiates professionals from crooks and amateurs? Experience and partnerships! And here there is no need to worry!

Almost anyone can develop a trading robot, but how many come from the prestigious Polytechnic university ? How have been developing trading strategies for over 15 years ? How many have knowledge of both classic stock market AND cryptocurrency market ? How many have had experience with reputable banking groups such as Bnp Paribas or Société Générale ? How many have signed partnerships with such groups? We’ll stop there, you see my point.

Another reassuring element to take into account is that the team, in addition to using their bots for their clients in the traditional market and cryptos, also use them for their own account.

Interesting! Did you say earlier that you can pay with the NPX?

Yes indeed ! The services offered by Napbots are valued in euros but payable in euros, Ether or NPX. Prices in euros and Ether may fluctuate according to the market but not those in NPX. Thus, depending on the price of the NPX token, it will be more profitable for you to buy it to use it as a means of payment to access the Napbots service.

So, still skeptical, or interested in finding out what French inventors can do with your money? Anyway, as a great philosopher said:

” A picture is worth a thousand words “


So I leave you with Stephane Ifrah who will speak to you better than me and in details of the project:


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