Manufacturer warns of shortages in refrigerators

Several companies are currently intensively researching a vaccine against the coronavirus. One Special refrigeratorsManufacturer sees the enormous demand for such devices – and fears delivery problems.

The hope of a corona vaccine soon leads to a significantly higher demand for a manufacturer of special refrigerators in Lower Saxony. “The order books are completely full for everything that we can still deliver this year,” said the managing director of Tritec from Hanover, Birgitt Nolden, on Thursday. In the past four weeks, the number of orders has more than doubled compared to the same period in the previous year. “Our warehouses have been swept clean.”

The background is the preparations of the federal states to set up corona vaccination centers. According to Tritec, at least one freezer down to minus 70 degrees, one freezer up to minus 20 degrees and one medicine refrigerator up to plus 5 degrees are required per vaccination center. “If you want to arm yourself for everything, you would have to buy it,” said Nolden, referring to the various vaccine candidates, which have to be stored at different temperatures.

Vaccination centers should be fully equipped by mid-December

Because it was only foreseeable a few weeks ago which temperatures the vaccines would need, it was difficult for Tritec to adapt to the suddenly higher demand, said Nolden. In the meantime, the company, which mostly produces in Germany, has to buy in material. The next batches will be available again at the beginning of January at the earliest.

With a view to the German market, given the boom in demand, the managing director doubts whether all vaccination centers can be fully equipped by mid-December, as the federal government is aiming for. Tritec is not the only manufacturer of special refrigerators, the company sees itself in the market comparison of the German manufacturers of pharmaceutical refrigerators “in the top third”.


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