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ExklusivCompany Builder Finconomy brings together two important fintechs

Finconomy founder Reinhard Tahedl.PR

Reinhard Tahedl continues to believe in human financial advisors. “We in the digital industry are often subject to the bias, the whole world only uses direct banks, robo-advisors and neobrokers,” says the entrepreneur. It is true that more business is shifting to the digital world, but the majority of investment advice is “currently still traditionally based on personal contact”.

With his Company Builder Finconomy, he is banking on precisely this development – and over the years has built up fintechs that support sales with software tools. Large insurance companies such as Axa or Gothaer are already using the products from the company forge.

Finconomy is now going on the offensive. For the next growth step, Tahedl is merging two important ventures – Weadvise and Fundsaccess. The software of the joint company manages investments of 62 billion euros and 1.3 million deposits.

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