Deutsche Beteiligungs AG: dividend drops to 80 cents per share

Shareholders of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG) are to receive a dividend of 0.80 euros per share for the 2019/2020 financial year. For the previous financial year, the company had distributed an amount of 1.50 euros per share. The dividend cut does not mean a departure from the previous dividend policy, the company said on Monday. “Above all, it takes into account the expected later returns from the portfolio as a result of longer holding periods for our industrial holdings”, says Susanne Zeidler about the dividend proposal – the manager is responsible for finances on the DBAG Board of Management. “We expect that with a normalization of the economic environment after the pandemic has flattened out in the coming year with a dividend between EUR 1.00 and EUR 1.20 per share, we can return to our policy in a more stable manner and, whenever possible, with dividends increasing”, said Zeidler.

DBAG closed the 2019/2020 financial year with a loss of 16.8 million euros, after having achieved a profit of 45.9 million euros in the previous year. Usually, profits fluctuate noticeably at investment companies – this is also the case here. The loss was driven by the performance of private equity investments, according to the company.

“The net asset value of private equity investments is expected to increase between 14 percent and 19 percent on average in the current and the two following financial years, and the result from fund advice should each reach a double-digit million euro amount,” says DBAG at Outlook.

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