DDMA research: increase in personalized marcom

It is becoming less common that organizations do not personalize at all. The marketing channels where the personalization of communication has increased the most are display advertising (from 63% to 85%), direct messaging (72% to 90%), social (from 54% to 66%) and search advertising (from 61% to 72%).

The results of the entire research are available via the report and the interactive dashboard at

Website, e-mail and social as standard means of communication

The research shows that a clear communication standard has emerged within the Dutch business community. Almost all organizations use their own website (97%), e-mail (96%) and social media (90%) to communicate with (potential) customers. These figures are comparable to last year’s results. However, the channel mix at large organizations (more than 100 employees) is more diverse: 73% of large organizations use 8 or more channels to communicate with customers. For small organizations, with less than or equal to 100 employees, this is 24%. The differences are large for a number of channels. For example, 48% of large organizations use mobile apps, compared to 8% in small organizations. Search advertising is also used considerably less by small organizations (at 60%) than by large organizations (at 86%).

A lot of confidence in the power of data

Confidence in data is undeniable: 82% of organizations believe that data should be the guiding principle in optimizing channels. Investments in data-driven marketing have therefore contributed most within the sector to more and / or better customer data (at 44% of the organizations), more and / or better leads (at 42%), more insight into customers (at 39%). %), greater brand awareness (at 33%) and better collaboration between different departments (at 31%). In order to be able to innovate, 61% indicate that an agile mindset is necessary. Obtaining a budget also remains a challenge, confirm 24% of the organizations surveyed.

Increase in budget for chatbots, online video, e-mail and mobile apps

Despite the budgetary challenges, most organizations expect an equal or an increase in the budget for almost all channels in the coming year. Especially for chatbots (42%), online video (42%), e-mail (40%) and mobile apps (39%) more budget is expected. Chatbots are also most often cited as a promising marketing trend. Only direct mail users expect a lower budget next year. This indicates 42% of the organizations surveyed. This is in line with the decreased use of direct mail. This year, 53% use direct mail to communicate with customers (last year this was 80%). A positive development is that 88% of organizations indicate that they have partial or complete insight into what marketing expenditures generate. 18% even has a complete picture across all channels, a slight increase of 3% compared to last year.

Few worries about legislation and technical changes

Despite the increase in the number of rules, the Dutch business community is not yet concerned about privacy and GDPR compliance. Only 15% of the organizations surveyed consider this a prominent challenge. Also, only 10% think that personalization is no longer possible due to future legislation. Another development such as the blocking of cookies by browsers is also still seen as a real challenge by few organizations (only 16%).


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