Corestate: moving chairs on the board after joining Vestigo

The entry of the new anchor shareholder Vestigo Immobilien Investments in Corestate Holding now also has personnel consequences on the company’s management board. “The originally designated CEO Klaus Schmitt will not take up his post on January 1, 2021,” announced the real estate company from Luxembourg. Instead, the new CEO will be René Parmantier, known as CEO of Oddo Seydler Bank AG, who was appointed by the Supervisory Board for a term of three years.

“Nils Hübener and Daniel Löken will remain on the board as Chief Investment Officer and Chief Legal & HR Officer,” Corestate Holding continued. The previous CEO Lars Schnidrig will be responsible for the position of CFO in the future – also with a term of three years.

After Corestate Holding announced the almost complete exit of the anchor shareholders Norbert Ketterer, Sandra Ketterer and Yannick Heller on Friday, the name of the new anchor shareholder has been since Monday: Vestigo Immobilien Investments Limited Partnership acquired 9.9 percent of the real estate Luxembourg company involved. The price at which Vestigo got involved is open.

The change in the group of shareholders already had personnel consequences on the Supervisory Board of Corestate Holding: “In connection with the entry of Vestigo Immobilien Investments Limited Partnership and other investors, all previous members of the Supervisory Board, i.e. Dr. Georg Allendorf, Mr. Timothy Blackwell, Mrs. Dr. Gabriele Apfelbacher, Mr. Olaf Klinger and Mr. Marc Drießen resigned from their office with immediate effect ”, said the company.

In return, at the suggestion of Vestigo, Friedrich Munsberg, Hermann Wagner and Friedrich Oelrich were unanimously appointed as new members of the supervisory board, according to the Luxembourgers.

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