[column] The power of love in e commerce delivery

In October, PostNL already predicted a “tsunami of orders” for the holidays, where 1.5 million parcel deliveries per day will probably be the rule rather than the exception. Keeping consumers happy – that’s what it’s all about. But how do you do that?

The bar is set high
As consumers, we expect quite a bit in these web shop times. We see a product on, Coolblue or one of the other 50,000 web shops and with a few clicks the order is placed and it will be delivered the next day or even the same day. Wow! Well, wow? It is no longer that wow in 2020. We are now used to companies having their e-commerce processes in order and quickly complain when things go wrong.

Peaks at the end
In its own (web scrape) analysis of more than 15,000 reviews about parcel delivery in the Netherlands, it becomes crystal clear what consumers are fed up with and what makes them very happy.
Many complaints concern, for example, “failure to keep promises”. Promise that you will deliver in one day and don’t do it, promise that you will come between 09:00 and 14:00 and don’t do it are the concrete examples. Consumers can really worry about that.
It is striking that most compliments are about the delivery person himself: how nice, nice, correct and pleasant the parcel is delivered, affects consumers. In marketing terms this is also called the peak-end rule: when people think back to an experience, they do not think of the total of the experience, but only remember this experience based on certain details: ‘the peak’ and the end .

Process and people central
As a delivery service, you can do your best on the process, but if the power of a piece of human “love” is underestimated, you can still deliver a disappointing experience to the customer. It is striking, however, that it is precisely that human side of delivery that is often negatively in the news: delivery drivers want better wages, less (work) pressure and more respect from their employer. And here they have a point. It’s not just about taking care of the preconditions – package arrives completely and at the agreed time. The role of the delivery person in the entire customer journey is just as (if not even more) essential for an optimal customer experience. Food for thought!

Where is the real WOW?
Okay, having a package delivered at the right time by a nice courier is probably not enough for you when it comes to delivering a unique delivery experience. A recently conducted “delivery survey” by The Conversation Studio among n = 300 consumers shows that you can positively surprise a consumer by showing that you respect their time and lifestyle. Consider the option to choose the time of delivery yourself, eliminate a piece of unrest by being able to follow the parcel live and adjustments to the delivery time if the chosen moment is not convenient.
“Going green” is also well appreciated in this context. Such as Picnic, which delivers groceries in an electric car or, which gives you the option of a ‘green delivery slot’ for groceries to save fuel, for example.
This sustainable need is also confirmed in other studies (including First Insight Inc.):> 50% of Gen Z and Gen X consumers consider sustainability in retail essential.
Could “green” just become the new “cheap”? The choice is yours.


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