[column] Hot or not in 2020 and 2021

Roland van Kralingen has released a new book, Make Dust or Eat Dust 2, as a follow-up to the popular first part. Towards the end of this miserable year and the hopefully positive 2021, we asked him who and what is going to make (or bite) dust.

What / Who will Eat Dust? (what / who returns?)

  • Individual freedom (during corona … sure)
  • Narcissism and hedonism (very decent)
  • Super-opportunism (emphatic)
  • Postmodern society (somewhat)
  • Elitism (comes under pressure)
  • Large assets (will contribute significantly to the recovery)
  • Tax avoidance / havens (to be tackled firmly)
  • The middle class (discretionary income falls sharply)
  • Bonus culture (under threat)
  • Bureaucracy (everything has to be faster, also with the government)
  • Children from underprivileged families (major victims)
  • Non-tolerant religions (which fall through the basket)
  • Privacy (the digital control state)
  • Short-term thinking in companies (3 months and less)
  • Private Equity (are sweet for a few years)
  • Africa, India, Latin America (through health dramas)
  • The US (economic and administrative disorder)
  • Working from home (we find it only moderate)
  • All sectors where people stay close together (flights, cinemas, theaters, events, gyms, restaurants, terraces, etc)
  • Lifestyle diseases (lower acceptance, insurance premiums)
  • Venture capital and many startups (not all)
  • Health insurers (it will have to be different)
  • Private sector landlords (price increase stops the government)
  • Employment (will fall sharply)
  • Budget deficit (well north of 60%)
  • Pensions (will be cut)
  • The pursuit of identity (identity is more than work)
  • Team sports (for now, unfortunately)
  • The feeling of safety (stress, burnouts increase)
  • Sense of security (due to the threat of uncertainty)
  • The price of a life (going down)
  • Civil obedience (outbursts inevitable)
  • Pharmacists (if they don’t lower their prices)
  • Prices (will increase in many sectors)
  • Higher taxes (it must be recouped)
  • The dividend and the purchase of own shares (not done)
  • Advertising sector (shrinking budgets)
  • Fashion (no events, a lot of sitting at home, little going out)

What / Who will make Dust (what / who will become more important?)

  • Real value for money propositions (non) food (including Blokker)
  • The private label (price)
  • The health industry (the manufacturing products)
  • E-Health and Tele-Health (greater focus on prevention)
  • Logistics services (Last Mile)
  • E-Commerce (penetration has increased significantly)
  • Big Tech (especially information technology)
  • IT companies (software, super automation, AI)
  • Manufacturers of cameras and sensors.
  • Museums (with door policy)
  • South East Asia (collectivist culture / cooperation)
  • China and Europe (building Eurasia)
  • Etatism (the strong state)
  • Public services (education, care, enforcers, etc.)
  • Local politics and economics (we are closer together)
  • Experts (tech, models, economics, health)
  • Long-term thinking (nose to the facts)
  • Thinking in scenarios (much needed, much remains uncertain)
  • Rebound strategies (24 months strong-weak lockdowns)
  • Display industry (the display society)
  • Pharmacists (if they find a drug / vaccine)
  • Multi cloud services (not everything with 1 provider)
  • Strategic supply chains (closer to home)
  • 3 D technology, AR and VR (it has to be more lifelike)
  • CSR (greenwashing will be pilloried)
  • Psychological support for people (growth market)
  • Robotization and Drones
  • The house is increasingly becoming a (data-driven) home.
  • Values ​​and norms (become more social)
  • Product as a service
  • Product leasing
  • Community feeling (certainly temporary)
  • Nationalism
  • Linear TV (nice feeling that we watch a lot at the same time)
  • Non-interruptive advertising (branded content)
  • The prosumer (invent and develop yourself)
  • Influencers
  • Individual sports
  • Social and serious gaming
  • Holiday accommodations in your own country
  • Pets
  • Distribution centers
  • Garden centers
  • Comfortable hiking clothes and shoes (outdoor sports)
  • Entrepreneurship (the only way out of the crisis)
  • Real (physical) instead of virtual experiences
  • Tolerant Religions / Church Attendance
  • The EU (we can’t live without it, has survived for 70 years)
  • Charities
  • Nostalgia for the pre-Corona world
  • Mergers & aquisitions
  • Telecom and 5G / broadband

Make Dust or Eat Dust 2 (nominated for the PIM Literature Prize) is available at


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