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BTC / USD is hesitant. Cryptocurrency is in the middle of the lookout, frozen like a rabbit in front of car headlights. A mix of good news and not so good news seems to plunge the market into suspense.


Bad news first

The enemies of Bitcoin (BTC) are getting excited lately. From Roubini to Dialo, via Christine Lagarde, the guardians of the system have all gone their own way to go wrong with Bitcoin.

In France, Bruno le Maire simply came to the amalgamation between Bitcoin and terrorism … And this week it’s Le Monde that sticks to it with a vicious headline: ” Bitcoins: investigation of a global scam “. The article was obviously not against the cryptocurrency but since 90% of people glance at the front page of the world without reading it, the damage is done, sneakily …

the front page of the world

As a reminder, the newspaper The world belongs to billionaire Xavier Niel who is also the son-in-law of Bernard Arnault. But Bernard, the wealthy CEO of luxury group LVMH, hosted Emmanuel Macron for lunch every Sunday before the presidential election. And since our president is an emissary of the Great Reset (the “fourth revolution”) which prepares the end of the cash, the circle is closed …

Add to that the business with the regulators or the justice system (Coinbase, Bitmex, TokenPlus), the maneuvers of the IMF and the FED, and we feel that the old world is doing its best to prevent a crossing of the 20 mark. $ 000.

More concretely, note that the big fish have stopped withdrawing their Bitcoins from exchangesor even bring them back, which is usually the prelude to massive sales. Wait and see …

The good news

Let’s start with Reuters, the biggest media in the financial world (with Bloomberg), which headlines: ” Dollar falls against new fiscal stimulus, Bitcoin at all-time high “.

Reuters source: ” Dollar falls against new fiscal stimulus, Bitcoin at all-time high

This headline confirms that the inverse correlation between the dollar and Bitcoin has become commonplace. In this regard, note that the Dollar Index has finally unscrewed to the downside. We are at the lowest since April 2018 after long weeks of hesitation.

This bodes very well for Bitcoin which has also regained some heavy support in the person of Larry Fink. Remember, this man is the boss of BlackRock, the biggest HedgeFund in the world. The very one who is eyeing the pensions of the French …

Larry almost seemed to put the emphasis on Bitcoin, saying:

Can Bitcoin Become a Global Financial Asset? It’s possible

Larry Fink, December 1 at the Council of Foreign Relations

Needless to say the Bitcoin would earn its acclaim if it were elevated to the same rank as a Google stock or a US treasury bond. This would herald a massive influx of capital into cryptocurrency.

According to CNBC, Fink also said that the “having a digital currency has a real impact on the dollar, making it less globally relevant for international holders of dollar assets“.

Does this change the need for the dollar as a reserve currency?

“Can Bitcoin Become a Global Financial Asset? It’s possible. “.
Larry Fink, December 1 at the Council of Foreign Relations

These statements made within the thinktank Council of Foreign Relations, along with Mark Carney (former Governor of the Bank of England), were briefly reported by CNBC. So it’s hard to say if the man who weighed 7,400 billion was referring to CBDCs or Bitcoin …

Fiscal stimulus

Let’s come back to the “fiscal stimulus” because that’s the big news of the week. Democrats and Republicans appear to be closing in on a deal to print trillions. It was about time because so many Americans are on the verge of losing their homes.

This stimulus will worsen the US debt which now exceeds $ 27 trillion. However, the more this bubble swells, the more it will make sense to protect itself from its inflationary consequences. Global debt now exceeds $ 270 trillion … The Great Monetary Reset is inevitable and will concretely result in the cancellation of the debts held by central banks as well as a little helicopter currency.

global debt

All of this will eventually create inflation, especially in an economy plagued by containment-orchestrated bankruptcies. Yes, “orchestrated”, since the Belgian Minister of Health that the closure of shops had “no health basis” but aimed to create an “electric shock among the population” … And during this time independents are committing suicide …


Owning Bitcoin has never been more important. The $ 20,000 mark is just a glass ceiling …

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