Belano Medical: Bio Healthcare company issues bond

Belano Medical issues a convertible bond with a maximum volume of 15 million euros. The paper has a term of five years and has an annual interest rate of 8.25 percent. As part of a private placement, around 4 million euros are to be issued in a first step. The subscription period starts today, the minimum subscription is 100,000 euros. It will be possible to trade the bond in the Open Market in Frankfurt from December 14th.

With the convertible bond, a possible IPO and a sale of Belano Medical within the term are taken into account. In addition, from November 15, 2024, investors can convert the bond into shares in Belano. If there is no IPO, an exit or an exchange, the repayment rate at the end of the term is 100 percent plus interest.

Belano is based in Henningsdorf near Berlin. You work in the field of microbiome. These active ingredients are processed in Belano products. According to its own statements, the company has a competitive advantage of five years here.

Christine Lang, Belano’s Chief Scientific Officer (CSO): ‚ÄúResearch into the human microbiome has led to groundbreaking findings in recent years. Understanding the interaction between the bacterial world around us and on and in our body has brought about a completely new understanding of health and the causes of illness and opens the way for innovative therapeutic approaches and completely new active ingredients. Since we recognized this very early on and focused on it with our scientific approaches, we are very confident that Belano will benefit in the long term from a dynamic future market.

So far, Belano has developed four product families. The corresponding applications include the areas of skin, throat and stomach as well as wound care. There are corresponding patents for this.

With the fresh money from the issue, Belano Medical wants to grow further, with the focus on international expansion.

Belano is being supported in the issue by One Square Advosrs and BankM, among others.

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