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Verdi criticizes the tax exemption of the Daimler bonus

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Daimler thanks employees for working from home and wearing masks with a bonus of up to 1,000 euros. He uses tax advantages that were designed for special payments to carers. This has met with criticism from the Verdi union.

Stuttgart – Daimler pays collective bargaining employees in Germany a corona bonus of up to 1000 euros. The group announced that the management board and works council had agreed on the payment in order to cushion the “economic and personal burdens” of the employees in the pandemic and to appreciate their commitment and flexibility. The planned savings programs should therefore be continued regardless of this special payment.

“Thousands of carers receive no bonus”

Daimler uses a rule for the bonus, according to which special payments of up to 1,500 euros, which are made by the end of the year due to the corona pandemic, are exempt from taxes and social security contributions.

This approach has met with criticism at the Verdi union. “Thousands of nurses in Baden-Württemberg do not receive the Corona premium. Although they have been doing great things for our health for almost ten months, incidentally with the highest risk of infection of all professional groups, “said Irene Gölz, Head of Health and Social Affairs, our newspaper. These professional groups granted the Daimler employees the bonus “from the bottom of their hearts. But it is difficult for them to understand that the special government regulation is now being used by the car company in order to actually have to spend less money on its performance bonus. “This is at the expense of tax revenues that were allegedly lacking for a bonus for all clinic employees.” .

Stoch for better remuneration in education and care

DGB regional chief Martin Kunzmann said it was “regrettable that the employees receive less or nothing at all in some areas. We have no understanding for that. ”SPD parliamentary group leader Andreas Stoch declared that one had to get better overall remuneration in the“ areas recently celebrated as systemically relevant, for example in nursing or education ”.

Daimler speaks of “a sign of recognition”

The aim of the bonus is to “set a sign of recognition and alleviate personal stress,” said Daimler HR Director Wilfried Porth. Works council chief Michael Brecht referred to burdens “from wearing a mask to permanently working from home. With the Corona bonus we want to thank all of our colleagues for their commitment. “

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