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These companies want to become climate neutral

Climate protection goals are now considered good form in business. Companies like to outdo each other with the goals of when they want to become climate neutral. Surprisingly, some corporations supposedly manage that within a few months. Others put the zero CO2 mark on the year 2050, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.

Climate neutrality with question marks

“Climate neutral”, however, is a flexible term. Environmental and consumer advocates warn against window dressing and even deliberate deception in the hunt for the so valuable green image. A central problem are the (supposed) climate protection projects with which companies offset their own CO2 emissions and thus calculate neutrally on paper.

But the calculation of the climate-damaging emissions of a global group is often easier said than actually proven. With billions in investments promised over the next ten years – especially in view of the Corona crisis – the question arises: Are these promises actually set in stone?

These are a few of the many companies that want to become carbon neutral.


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