SAP share: now it counts slowly! – Chart analysis

A quick technical look at the SAP share before XETRA trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange starts in around half an hour. This is currently trending somewhat weaker, the indications for SAP’s share price are quoted at 99.81 / 100.08 euros after a closing price on Friday at 100.14 euros (+0.6 percent). Investors are currently hardly tinkering with the technical chart. After the downward movement of the SAP share from 143.32 euros to 89.93 euros, which occurred like a crash around the profit warning of the Walldorf-based software group, the countermovement is still only gaining momentum to a limited extent.

While analysts see the fall as exaggerated, more on this in the 4investors report linked below, the technical situation on the chart remains characterized by opportunities and risks. A triangle is currently forming in the chart and the direction of the breakout could have a massive impact on the further price trend for the DAX value. The fact that the price is entering the tip of this technical triangle speaks for imminent trading signals. In addition to the two triangular lines, however, the known supports and resistance levels for the share price of SAP can still be seen (now outside of this technical chart formation).


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