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The inviolability of data recorded on the blockchain was logically a strong argument for the use of technology in elections. This is why AP (Associated Press –one of the biggest American media– published the results of the last presidential election in the country published the election results on Ethereum and EOS. However, the action that should have ended any debate on the reliability of the figures from the media’s coverage raised doubts and huge reactions.

What value is given to the results recorded on the blockchain?

If the reliability of the blockchain is not in doubt, for that of the results recorded on it is another matter. The method used by the AP actually ensures only the inviolability of the data entered, but not their authenticity before postponement. There is therefore the problem of confidence in the figures available to the PA, something that could seem incomprehensible. Indeed, the media has carved out a solid reputation for having covered the US presidential elections since 1848. It is then hard to believe that the latter would compromise his credibility by publishing truncated results unless he was hacked.

Again, the thing seems unlikely, because such an event if it did occur could not last forever as specified Thomas stubbings, Chairman of the Austrian Cyber ​​Security Platform. ” Hackings that have a public impact get noticed very quickly. As soon as there is a reasonable doubt, cybersecurity and forensics experts step in and review the situation. And if there has been a hack or a fraud – we’ll find out. It is therefore absolutely impossible that a recognized medium can be hacked and that false information can be disseminated over a long period. ” did he declare.

How to verify the authenticity of the information entered on the blockchain?

To answer this question, the reputation of a media like the PA, which is an expert in covering the presidential elections, is far from sufficient. No more than the fact that he was used as an oracle for the 2020 election forecast market by the two decentralized platforms YieldWars and Polymarket. There are, however, two main approaches to currently ensure the reliability of oracles.

If the first is based on consensus by which information is verified simultaneously by several independent validators, the second leaves the user the freedom to choose the source of information on the Internet. Although these approaches ensure the transparency of the transfer of data from the source, the reliability of the source can always be questioned.


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The idea of ​​using as sources several oracles simultaneously processing data relating to election results before their entry on the blockchain was also raised by several specialists. However, only a shift to decentralized voting where the voter registers their vote in person seems likely to end any debate on reliability.


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