Market mood: “Waiting for the commitment of Santa Claus” – columns

Professionals leave the market on both the long and the short side. Everyone remains fairly optimistic, but that is not a danger, as Joachim Goldberg interprets.

German stocks are stable below the all-time high, medium-term investors are withdrawing. At least the professional investors. 6 percent close short commitments, 4 percent exit stocks. The sentiment index of this investor group stands at +31 percent, well above the zero line between optimism and pessimism. Private investors have barely moved and also show a bullish +31 points.

Joachim Goldberg suspects that many investors have got used to the good news regarding the economy in 2021 and the pandemic. Still, hardly anyone takes profits. Overall, however, there is no euphoria in the market. Only the potential buyers were missing. The behavioral economist suspects that support purchases would start from 12,700 points downwards. And hopes that investors do not run out of patience.

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