La Place innovates with a contemporary focus on “good food fast” and take-away

It will be rolled out first in the restaurants in Laren and Bruchem-De Lucht on the A2 motorway.

The concept offers plenty of room for the latest trends and developments in the field of food and food experience, including a completely renovated coffee bar with top quality coffees, La Place Take-Away and the La Place for Home range.

Take away service

Due to the current closure of the catering industry, the La Place restaurants on the Westerheide in Laren will open on Friday December 4 at 10.30 am and on the A2 Bruchem-De Lucht on Tuesday December 8 at 10.30 am with a take-away service. The locations have a completely renovated coffee bar and the menu features around 100 new tasty dishes and surprising seasonal products. For example, La Place “All day breakfast” is new and there is more attention for vegan and vegetarian products. Visitors are also introduced to La Place for Home, a deli range of the most popular products from La Place, to enjoy at a later time at home. Guests can enjoy a delicious sandwich, meal or freshly prepared coffee between 08:00 and 21:00 daily, which they can enjoy on-the-go or at home. Next week, a new La Place Express with take-away service will also open in Amsterdam.

La Place with a new look

‘We have not been idle recently and are looking hard at how we can further strengthen La Place, including our new concept. Normally we would now have launched the completely new concept at these locations. Unfortunately, the current situation with the closure of the catering industry does not allow that, ‘says Colette Cloosterman-van Eerd, CCO of Jumbo and responsible for La Place. ‘Although we regret this, we obviously understand this situation. For that reason, we are now starting take-away from our two renovated restaurants. In this way, as long as our restaurants are still closed, visitors can still get to know our new concept and our new products and dishes. This way they can still enjoy all the goodies of the new La Place and experience the taste of freshly made on the road or at home. The renewed range of our La Place Take-Away consists of completely renewed classics, such as juices, sandwiches and apple pie, as well as lots of new goodies. Our chefs have given the menu a new look with sensory stimulating and unique combinations, ‘continues Colette Cloosterman-van Eerd.

Mobile order
An important feature of the new concept is the quick and easy way to order and pay for dishes. This perfectly matches the wishes and requirements of our time. La Place has optimized the ordering and payment process with the option to place a mobile order. Guests can choose to order on site or pre-order via mobile order. The take-away order is then ready to be taken away upon arrival.

Love at first bite
The chefs from the kitchens of La Place have put their knowledge, love and passion for taste into the completely renewed menu, with which they want to offer guests a Love at first bite experience that stimulates the taste and senses. La Place, for example, offers its guests about 100 delicious and innovative dishes, with a wide choice of vegetarian and vegan options and surprising seasonal stoppers. Think of Berry earth juice, chia pudding beet and granola, falafel flatbread or the richly filled focaccias. They can also opt for one of the delicious crispy salads, such as the Mexican style avocado, corn & beans with roasted vegetables, which are finished with the signature dressings of the La Place chefs. In addition, there is a choice of delicious fresh juices, tasty soups and an extensive breakfast menu throughout the day. Guests can also opt for the La Place cassics such as pizzas, sugar roll, various sandwiches. And of course the apple pie and banana bread, with special new recipes, should not be missed.

New coffee bar
The completely renovated coffee bar has a central place in the routing. Here the barista makes top quality coffees, with a specially developed new blend and surprising specials to-go for the guests, including the Caramello Latte. By default, the coffees are made with fresh whole milk. In addition, there is a choice of fresh skimmed milk and oat milk for the vegan guests. When purchasing a reusable cup, guests receive a 50 cent discount on their next coffees.

La Place for Home
At its renewed locations, La Place now also offers the new concept “La Place for Home”, whereby guests can take the popular La Place products with them to enjoy at home at a later time. Ranging from delicious pizzas and (veggie) lasagne to tray bake dishes with flavors from all over the world, which guests can warm up at home. Irresistibly tasty soups are also on the menu, such as tomato or tom kha kai soup, or tasty snacks, such as a vegetarian sausage roll, classic sausage roll, the renewed apple pie and banana bread.

Extra attention to hygiene
To prevent the spread of the corona virus, various measures apply at La Place. Guests and employees must keep a distance of at least one and a half meters from each other when picking up and wear a mouth mask. The employees wear gloves and guests are asked to pay preferably contactless.

About La Place
‘Since 1987, La Place has been a successful food service formula in which natural, fresh and homemade products play the leading role. The catering chain combines the best of the market with a self-service restaurant. Since its foundation, La Place has responded to the trend of healthy food. For example, the professionals only work with fresh raw materials and their own, unique recipes are freshly prepared. In addition to 70 branches in the Netherlands, La Place also has locations in the United States, Canada, Bali, France, Spain, Austria and Germany. At the beginning of 2016, the food service formula was taken over by Jumbo Groep Holding. ‘

(source: Jumbo Groep Holding)


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