Jean-Paul Schaddé van Dooren to VNOM

Until April this year, Schaddé van Dooren was active as a PR & marketing manager at Babbage Company. His work for the catering platform Cityguys, of which he is co-founder, just continued in the meantime.

But now a new challenge, at VNOM in Rotterdam. Perhaps unexpected move of the Amsterdammer. Schaddé van Dooren explains: ‘I have started to follow Sparta Rotterdam more closely in the Eredivisie and VNOM is a co-sponsor of this club, so you may have noticed the brand on the shirt of the Spartans. It is cozy here, but it is also a typical Rotterdam company, so we have to roll up your sleeves. In recent years, a lot of hard work has been done on online marketing and there is a basis that you can say against, but there is also a lot of work to be done. ‘ Where does the challenge lie? Schaddé van Dooren: ‘Growth. VNOM has been growing for years and that remains the objective. There are opportunities in the field of branding, email marketing and social media and there is still plenty to optimize. And of course we can do nice things with Sparta, if we can go to the stadium again. ‘

Despite ‘all the misery in the hospitality industry’, Cityguys continues as usual, says Van Schaddé van Dooren. ‘Of course, considerably fewer people are now looking for tips for a good restaurant. Because the guys and I no longer ‘had to’ eat out every night, we had so much free time that we worked on a new website in the past year. It is ready for it when the catering industry reopens. Now I have at least enough time to work full-time for VNOM. ‘


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